Simusolar offers select product packages with 1-2 year warranty.  Products are sourced from third party manufacturers to meet customer needs.  Simusolar conducts extensive customer research and engagement to determine what products will be most impactful and what specifications are necessary. The team has over 40 years sourcing products for off-grid farms and facilities. Current products for productive use include fishing lights to help fishers catch more and water pumps to help farmers grow more.

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ovCatch Fishing Light

Fishing lightsOmniVoltaic Energy Systems provides a light designed specifically for the needs of night fishers: specific light frequency, angle, brightness and weather resistance. These lights come with hardware and software for financing and security.

  • – Immediate savings to clients
  • – 12 hours uninterrupted lighting
  • – 12 Watt PV Solar; battery; light; stand
  • – Financing (PAYG) enabled


Surface Pump S1

Surface Pump S1Simusolar’s smallest and most affordable pump lets any farmer take advantage of solar to increase their yield! Flexible payment plans aimed to help farmers adjust to their crop cycle.

  • – Lets smallholder farmers irrigate up to an acre per day
  • – More than 1000 Liters per hour in full sun
  • – 100 Watt PV Solar
  • – Financing (PAYG) enabled


Surface Pump S2

Surface Pump S2Larger farms can take advantage of this more powerful pump to increase production no matter the season

  • – Increased land cultivation – irrigate 2 acres per day
  • – 2400 Liters per hour in full sun
  • – 150 Watt PV Solar
  • – Financing (PAYG) enabled


 Surface Pump S3

Surface Pump S3An intermediate pump that balances affordability and power so all farmers can increase production

  • – Irrigation for 1.25 acres per day
  • – Up to 2500 Liters per hour in full sun
  • – 100 Watt PV Solar
  • – Financing (PAYG) enabled


 Borehole Pump S4

Borehole Pump S4This pump is totally submersible and is great for drawing water from borehole to a tank or reservoir, allowing even farmers that are not near open bodies of water to irrigate their land and increase production.

  • – 100 meter pumping head
  • – Up to 7200 Liters per day with included battery
  • – 150 Watt PV Solar
  • – Financing (PAYG) enabled