Our platform

Accessibility, Affordability and Availability are at the center of our platform.

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    Accessibility means everywhere. Self-installation frees clients from having to wait for a branch to open near their village. Mobile money frees them from traveling long distances to make an installment. Wireless connection to their box frees Simusolar to manage systems cost-effectively and proactively.

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    Affordability means everyone. Financing enables clients to purchase a system that saves cash on day one. Efficient systems have been sized through several iterations to optimize for functionality and cost. Data driven underwriting enables Simusolar to ensure clients get the system that’s right for them.

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    Availability means anytime. Logistics management ensures that systems are in stock in place when clients need them. We leverage technology to ensure inventory is distributed among our hubs, agents, and partners.

Integrated technologies and innovations make Simusolar’s service possible.


Direct sales provide customer feedback and market intelligence, while 3rd party sales leverage Simusolar’s platform to reach remote customers.