Unavailable, unreliable, or costly power has impacted much of the globe, constraining economic development, education, health, and connectivity. Given the dispersion of populations in countries like Tanzania, the investment necessary to meet the energy need through traditional means, large-scale utility grid infrastructure, would run in the billions. Distributed power-generation technologies are better suited for the challenge, and more quickly deployed at a fraction the cost.

Just as limited power has constrained communities, affordable power has the potential to transform them for better. Households can illuminate their children’s studying at the same cost of inferior kerosene. Local businesses can offer services formerly relegated to city centers. Value chains can be rebalanced to provide greater returns for producers.

Like technology, energy is ultimately an enabler. It democratizes opportunity, putting productive resources in the hands of all. The demand for it is expansive, as we have experienced in our work in diverse communities. Clients report savings, incomes, connectivity, and a better quality of life in general. We exist to meet that demand.


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