May 19, 2016 / by David Katz

Excerpt from AEE Solar’s David Katz: Thirty Years in the Wholesale Supply Chain


“Veteran solar pro David Katz, CEO of AEE Solar, has been in the industry since 1979 when he founded Alternative Energy Engineering to bring “power to the people” in northern California. He responded in 1981 to clamors from interested buyers with a “Lindberg ransom note” style cut-and-pasted catalog, becoming one of the first US solar distributors. The 2008 full color version of the wholesale catalogue is 208 pages and used by PV system designers and installers throughout the industry. An electrical engineer by training, David’s interest in solar began with a personal need for electricity in his owner-built Humboldt County home. Over the last three decades, David has built up one of the most respected and rapidly growing networks of dealers in the US.

Joe Schwarts: What technology innovations are you paying attention to?
David Katz: I am not seeing a lot of technology innovations in solar modules. There is a gradual increase in efficiency. I have seen all the big module manufacturers growing their capacity with conventional crystalline technology. So I do not think that the nano solar idea is close. These big module manufacturers wouldn’t put billions of dollars into plants to produce technology that is going to be obsolete.”
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