About Simusolar

Our Focus

Simusolar provides and finances accessible, affordable, and energy-efficient equipment designed for off-grid businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our systems are designed to meet the needs of rural smallholders, from equipment specifications to innovative financing terms. Our goal is to enable rural smallholder farmers and fishers to achieve their vision, affordably and sustainably.

We envision laborers that don’t have to migrate to cities for a better quality of life.

We envision rural communities that do not depend entirely on rainfall to ensure reliable food and income.

We envision economies that are sustainable, equitable, and inspiring to all.

Meet the team

Advisors & Governing Counsel

Partners & Agents

Simusolar Partners share our mission and have relationships with communities that can benefit from our services. Partners include non-profits, trade associations, and governmental bodies. We work together to provide access to needed systems while soliciting useful customer insights for future offerings.

  • Kiva

    Kiva provides working capital funding to Simusolar to support pioneer loans, credit extended to new groups and/or for new products. Kiva is a crowd-funding platform with over 10 years experience and over $1 billion loans funded.

  • Miller Center GSBI

    The Miller Center GSBI Accelerator promotes social enterprise the world over.  As a 2017 Fellow, Simusolar benefits from the mentorship and experience of the GSBI community.

  • TAREA Lake Zone

    Tarea Lake Zone is working with Simusolar as a Partner to test commercial solar equipment for the fishing industry, the largest economic driver in the Lake Zone (Lake Victoria and the surrounds). The first solution focuses on increasing yields; we will also address the supply chain with processing and storage solutions.

  • The DOEN Foundation

    The DOEN Foundation strives to create a liveable world in which everyone can participate. DOEN stimulates people and businesses to take the lead with sustainable, social and cultural renewal. And DOEN is seeking out these frontrunners, supporting them, inspiring them and connecting them with each other.

  • Devergy

    Devergy is a social utility company that provides affordable and reliable access to sustainable electricity. The aim to empower people in developing countries by improving the customer’s freedom of choice – customers use exactly the amount of energy they want to power appliances such as televisions, lights, computers, etc. Devergy is proud to be at the forefront of innovation in micro-grid technology by delivering energy in an easily scalable, efficient, affordable way.

  • Futurepump

    Futurepump is on a mission to design, develop and manufacture robust solar irrigation products for small scale farmers. Irrigating crops leads to more reliable harvests and provides the opportunity to grow and sell produce out of season. This can bring huge economic benefits to the farmers, their families and the wider community.

  • Unreasonable Institute East Africa accelerates the growth of early stage companies in East Africa. They focus on for-profit and financially sustainable non-profit businesses across diverse sectors with positive social and environmental impact integrated into their models.

  • Omnivoltaic provides high quality solar home systems, fishing lights, phone chargers, and more, all integrated with the Simusolar platform for PAY-to-own functionality.

Agents are businesses or individuals that are imbedded in hard-to-reach communities and seek to improve their livelihoods by selling systems suitable for life-quality and/or income-generation. Like Partners, they are clients themselves and fluent with our offering.